Pilot: Biblija Display Verse

This page contains the demo for a new plugin I am creating. Currently I have build a pilot version to get permission of Biblija.net to continue the development of this WordPress Plugin.

The aim of the plugin is to make it easy to display Bible verses in your blog. You don’t have to type them over, but you can add a shortcode to let it be displayed automatically. The bible verses will be downloaded from Biblija.net. A copyright notice and a link to the same piece on Biblija.net will be included also

Currenly I have built the following functions:

  1. Show maximum one chapter
  2. choose from all bible translations and languages available on Biblija.net
  3. a caching system. This make sure that the Biblija.net website will not be flooded with requests. The query outcome will be cached for one week


Shortcode: [Biblija_Display trans=”web” query=”gen 1″]:

- from Biblija.net

Shortcode: [Biblija_Display trans=”nbg” query=”joh 3:16-17″]:

- from Biblija.net

The future

When I get permission of Biblija.net I will make it available on WordPress.org as a free plugin and I will add the following functionality to it:

  1. More styling options for displaying the verses
  2. Documentation on how to use it
  3. default settings like translations and languages
  4. Configurable caching
  5. more tight restrictions on some translations (like Dutch translations, no more than 50 verses of max 50% of a chapter etc)

If it is a succes, maybe there are options to build a premium version also 🙂

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