Zcash wallet backup addresses

I am busy mining Zcash. And of course, I want all this work to be safe and was thinking of a backup strategy. In my case I wanted not to export my complete wallet because some mining actions created a lot of t-addresses. So I chose to use the export of separate addresses. I have used this page with handy commands: https://github.com/zcash/zcash/blob/master/doc/payment-api.md

On the system with the original wallet I typed:

zcash-cli dumpprivkey t1dBkMCPvLKcQ3gDfG8MiZLvdQk4D9Z6pD

The return value is (fake of course): jKd9o4FY7mdgQ3gDfG8MiZLvdQga8JK3t58yjXGjQHzMzkGUxS

On the system I want to have this address in my new wallet I typed:

zcash-cli importaddress t1dBkMCPvLKcQ3gDfG8MiZLvdQk4D9Z6pD

zcash-cli importprivkey jKd9o4FY7mdgQ3gDfG8MiZLvdQga8JK3t58yjXGjQHzMzkGUxS

After a few hours, all transactions of this address were replicated to my new wallet. Tada!

Please note: You have to be sure that all funds are in this address. To make sure you have backupped the correct addresses, run:

zcash-cli listaddressgroupings

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